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Hello all! My name is Izzy Dulay or Izzy Moon :P Whichever you would like to call me. Haha. I am a singer, songwriter and voice actress. I love reviewing here on NG.com I am also into photography and filming and am currently working on a web series.

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Hello all of NG! I have been on these weird hiatus' that cause me to disappear for months at a time. So please email me with any requests (izzyokabe@me.com).

Okay so I want to share with you what I have been working on first and foremost. I am working hard on many VA projects for Machinima and otherwise. Also working on a live action series called The Controller: Cease Control. We have produced a music video introducing the main character William Richards.
Cease Control MV!

And we have an audio video for another song for the show as well called Suicide. These are mainly what we have been working on and are working on producing a prologue to the show to really get a following started while we build a budget for episode one. :)

I am looking for a solid committed composer for music for the show. The style is mostly going to be like Suicide. So downtempo, Glitch, IdM, techno and electronic. We're really looking to make everything electric. So if you're interested, let me know by sending me an email! And who knows, if we make it big, there'll be a cut in there for you as well. If not, then we'll just have fun making an awesome show.

Okay I think that's about it for updates. I have another World of Warcraft parody being released within the next week or so (hopefully) so I will link that when it becomes available.

Take care!

Some fun links to music and videos!