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Hello NG!

2009-09-23 19:36:20 by IzzyMoon

Well I figure since my page is terribly bland and I have nothing really to upload I will just post a little bulletin about what I do.
Here I am basically super new. Only just officially joined last month.
Well I am known mainly in the internet communities as a VA. And I am an aspiring Singer. So I'm constantly looking for ways into the music business. I am not 100% music program savvy. I can play the piano, clarinet and trombone...only one of which is suited to sing and play, obviously. Haha.
I have my VA blog link posted here on my profile...big whoop there I know right?
Well...so far I have had the delight of reviewing a couple of audio compositions...and they sound fantastic! I already have acquired some particular favourites. Which they are evident.
So I may submit my art here at some point but in case you're curious about it and I haven't uploaded anything here yet...you can always go check me out art wise on Deviantart.


My music myspace is kind of under construction and I am working on getting a suitable musical piece to upload here (or anywhere for that matter) to display my musical capabilities.
I thank you for your time. And I look forward to everyones fabulous work.

I am in the process of scripting for a web show called Okashi to pai! This is a comic series I have been working on in the dark for some time now and have only presented a few pieces to the world about it. So I will be looking for some male voice actors and (depending on the role you're interested in there WILL be singing). I will also need some original music. So I will also be attempting on that. I am really excited to update NG with this information considering once it's finished I will be presenting it here. And of course I will need a few female VAs as well..but since some of the main characters are based off of real people. They are reserved to those roles.
Sorry my super excitedness kind of rolled about when I watched a BUNCH of the animations here today and gave me the courage to advertise this work in progress.

Also, I am looking for a gentleman to do a duet with me for the shows theme song that will play at the opening. Of course they will also be cast as the role of Akio. So...let me know if any interest holds in that as well. I am working on the flip book version of the flash at the moment. So...keep me posted! :D

Thank you everyone!
<3 Izzy Moon

Hello NG!


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2009-09-23 20:02:59

I should keep you in mind for future projects. Who knows when I might need a voice?

IzzyMoon responds:

Thank you much! ^^


2009-09-23 20:50:55

Welcome to NG! Good luck with all your future plans!

IzzyMoon responds:

Well thank you :D


2009-09-24 16:00:30

Welcome to NG, Iam looking forward hear something from you :) to be honestly icant even play any instruments hehe

IzzyMoon responds:

Aw well thank you. I need to get some music together and post as whatever genre it is. My problem is getting music. I hear it all on here and it makes me so excited, and then when I sit down to do it...I stare blankly at the program. Haha. So nothing to sing to = nothing to submit.


2009-09-25 01:46:12

Hehe i see ican help you depends what program you wanna learn with. My suggestion is Fl studio beacuse its easy handle afterawile. Alot of touritals also very friendly to use. Im not self the best on it but i been work with it since 2001.
tn86@live.se my msn if u like to speak and iwill gladly help you out. Have a nice day.

IzzyMoon responds:

Well thank you so much! I added you on MSN. I do have FL studio though. I just tend to look at it as if it were disease ridden though, lol.


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