Have an update NG.com

2011-03-09 02:05:16 by IzzyMoon

Well if you were waiting for the official release of the MV Gank Their Face on Machinima.com, you were in for a rude awakening when they didn't release it due to the use of the word "fag" and supposed copyright infringement. Well it was still released but under the Tranter Films Youtube account. Which the video is featured on my channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ixxheartxx pete?feature=mhum

So I hope you enjoy that. Also due to story ownership on Weavers of the Silver Sun, it has been canceled. But good news a new Machinima is on the way with an even better and much darker storyline. I will release more info when the show has reached production stages. At the moment it's a bunch of writing in my notebook.

Also another update I am working on adding lyrics to one of MarkySpark's songs because he said I could, I keep thinking I found one I want to use and then I find another I like just as much. But there is another song by someone else I have my eyes on too. :P One big thing about me people, I love to sing and I love the idea of collaborating with people. I am a voice actress, I have a lot of different voices and languages I can go on songs to make them all unique. So yeah hit me up if you're interested on that.

And last little bit, if you want to get ahold of me fast, pop me an email: long.lost.promise@gmail.com is the best way to get ahold of me. I work all the time and it's hard to get on NG.com a lot of the time. But I can check my email whenever, wherever...so no problem there (I guess if you wanted to get technical you could say I can check NG super easy too, lol).

I think that's about everything. My Blog has been unhacked and is available again and if you need me msg me here or shoot me an email. Or you can add me on Skype: izzy.moon


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